Judi became aware of Laughter Yoga in 2007 through an e-mail she received about a LY training in South Africa. Even though she wasn't able to attend that training, it ignited a desire to know more. During her research she discovered a training much closer to home, but which still required a road trip. She asked her friend Pam Hall if she wanted to join her and off they went to a new adventure.

The training was a transformational experience for Judi. Afterward, she realized this was something she wanted to share with others. Her enthusiasm was so strong that she immediately signed up for the next certified LY teacher training with Dr. Kataria. Her desire to continue expanding her knowledge, understanding, experience and integration of Laughter Yoga led her to repeat this teacher training in 2010 and again in 2103. 

Judi created the Joyful Healing Laughter Yoga Club in 2007 with Pam Hall and it has been meeting once a month ever since. She also began offering Certified Laughter Yoga Leader trainings in 2008 and continues to offer them usually twice a year. 

As a speaker, Judi is sought after because of her enthusiasm and inspiring way of empowering people.  She has presented Laughter Yoga to businesses, organizations, universities, retirement communities, support groups, at wellness events and conferences.     

Early in 2012, Judi received a phone call from PBS NOVA, wanting to film her Laughter Yoga club.  In April 2012 the production film crew arrived and the excitement grew. Read more about this exciting event  and see the  photographs from the filming here.
Pam first learned about Laughter Yoga in 2007 when Judi Winall received an email about a LY training. Laughter was no stranger to Pam, as it came freely and often to her. Besides seeing life in many humorous scenarios, Pam used laughter as her main way of dealing with stress.

Intrigued with the concept of Laughter Yoga, Pam received her certified LY leader training in 2007.  In 2010 she received her LY teacher certification from Dr. Kataria and repeated this training with him again in 2013.  She feels this work has enriched her life incredibly.   

Pam has conducted Laughter Yoga sessions for teachers, administrators and students in the public schools, for special needs individuals, senior groups and for numerous other organizations. She also co-sponsors the Joyful Healing Laughter Yoga Club once a month with Judi Winall.
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